“Shock Rock City” Should Be A Summertime Hit For Keychain

keychain promo picture 2015

Don’t be fooled by that raw, thrashy riff and the funky bass slap in the intro to “Shock Rock City,” no this is pure summertime party rock with sweaty-summer-nights-rubbing-up-against-a-hottie-in-a-townie-bar written all over it. The band is Keychain, and they hail from Montreal, Quebec, and if things go right, people will be rockin’ out to this track for the next few months. Have a listen to the track now at SoundCloud.

“Shock Rock City” will hail from Keychain’s upcoming debut album, which is still in the works and is as yet untitled. However, the band will be playing a hometown show on June 12th, at Exit Bar in Montreal.

Keep an eye out for these guys because with their brand of radio-friendly pure hard rock, there’s no reason these guys shouldn’t spread like a zombie virus this summer.

Rock Hard \m/

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