Eskimo Callboy – At Least Their “Crystals” Video Looks Decent

Eskimo Callboy, the German six-piece “metal” band, have released the video for their third album’s title track, “Crystals.” Despite a horrible band look and a generic metalcore sound, complete with shitty clean vocals, the video does feature some amazing imagery, which is the reason I’m sharing it with you Yellers today. Truth is, the band looks like a bunch of circus rejects and the music pretty much sucks sweaty balls. The video was directed by the band, so it’s too bad that they can’t translate the video’s aesthetic to their own wardrobe. But here I am, prattling on about a band’s look, which should be the least of anyone’s concern when deciding whether or not they like how a band sounds. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the term “Eskimo” is pretty un-PC.

Rock Hard \m/

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