New Music: Goatsnake Launches New Album’s Title Track, “Black Age Blues”

goatsnake - black age blues

Vice Magazine‘s music channel, Noisey, has just premiered the newest single from Goatsnake, in the form of the of the title track of the band’s upcoming Black Age Blues LP, which is now playing alongside a feature with the band. Check out the heavy blues-laden doom metal track here.

“Black Age Blues” deploys nearly six-and-a-half minutes of Goatsnake’s most bulldozing grooves to date, the track primed with amp tones hotter than the Southern California summer sun and its percussive drive steadily slamming into the listener like each car of a passing freight train, the earlier part of the track delivering possibly the most upbeat tempos in the band’s history, before it cools down to a crushing, half-paced lurch that carries out the remainder of the anthem. Noisey premieres the new jam alongside an exclusive interrogation with guitarist Greg Anderson, covering the creation of the band’s first LP in 15 years, their upcoming tour dates including Maryland Deathfest, Temples Fest, and more.

Black Age Blues will be released through Southern Lord Recordings in North America on June 2nd, and pre-orders for the album are now live. In addition to physical pre-orders, iTunes also has the record available, offering the tracks “Black Age Blues” and “Elevated Man” for instant download, which will also be available to purchase individually tomorrow. Check out the pre-order options at the new Goatsnake store here, via BandCamp, and iTunes.

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