TECH N9NE Taps Corey Taylor For “Wither”

tech n9ne

Obviously we don’t cover rap or hip-hop very often on Yell! Magazine, and when we do we think it has to be something pretty spectacular or have something to do with horror or heavy metal. In this case, it’s the latter. With Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor on board, TECH N9NE has released the new track “Wither,” which is featured on the rapper’s upcoming album, Special Effects, due out May 4th.

I know you didn’t, but if you ask me there are parts of “Wither” that sounds like House of Pain’s Everlast and his solo work, and then the percussion section sounds a lot like Slipknot. Then again, there are parts of the track that sound nothing like what I’ve just said. Have a listen in the player above and then sound off in our comments section below.

Corey Taylor has often publicly praised Tech and his approach to both hip-hop and heavy music:

Working with Tech was a no-brainer. When I heard the music for ‘Wither’, I knew the two of us would make something dark and crazy. The slow burn in the music is awesome- his band is great and the performance is incredible. People are gonna shit!

TECH N9NE is no stranger to the music of Slipknot, having been a dedicated fan for over a decade:

This collaboration is a total dream come true, because I’ve been a Maggot (what Slipknot affectionately calls their fans) since ’99. This song we did together is such a dynamic rollercoaster ride! It starts off calm and cool and then fuckin’ gets loud and extremely mean and crazy! It’s perfect!

Rock Hard \m/

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