King Parrot Get Pissed – “Home Is Where The Gutter Is” [VIDEO]

Australian thrash metal/grind outfit, King Parrot, are dealing with vengeance and urine in their new video for “Home Is Where the Gutter Is.” Basically a homeless guy gets pissed on and harassed by a douche in a suit, a cop, and a drug dealer, then he takes revenge and returns the favor in kind.

The track comes off King Parrot’s upcoming LP, Dead Set, which was tracked by Philip H. Anselmo at Nodferatu’s Lair, and is due out on May 19th. Pre-order Dead Set here.

King Parrot vocalist Matt Young explains the concept of the video:

There [are] many people in the world forced into homelessness, then there is people who just choose to be homeless, and actually prefer to live that way. The lyrics and the video clip focus on this and that these people should be entitled to live whatever way they choose. I think it’s one of the biggest ‘fuck yous’ to society a person can give and I admire it. ‘Home Is Where The Gutter Is’ is a story of a homeless dude, just trying to get by on a daily basis. He gets sick of people trying to mess with him, and when it becomes too much he takes matters in to his own hands. It’s a pretty absurd and abstract message, but basically it just says, ‘shut the fuck up and let people live however they want.’ Most of society sucks and this is our salute to homeless dudes who don’t give a fuck and choose to live outside of the laws and expectations most people live by.

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