Devilworks At The Cannes Film Market

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The Cannes Film Market was established in 1959, as the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival. Held in conjunction with the festival, the market’s purpose is to meet the needs of the film industry professionals, and special services are provided to benefit producers, directors, festival programmers, sales agents, and others.

Boutique World Film Sales Agent, Devilworks will be at the Cannes Film Market this year with a striking list of films showing. Between May 13th and 22nd, Devilworks will be at the Marina show room G17 Marina (find them here).

Here’s the list of horror and thriller movies that Devilworks is showing at the Cannes Film Market:

Blood Ransom

USA – Fantasy Thriller

In Blood Ransom, Crystal, a recently turned vampire, has seven days to kill a human, otherwise die in agony. The human, unaware of her condition, she’s meant to kill has liberated her from her vampire master and they plan to run away together.


USA – Horror

An anthology of ghost stories about a group of students who burn effigies of cameras for wandering spirits during ghost month in Singapore. In return, they receive a collection of horror movies, which will become their fateful reality.

Shopping Tour

Russia – Horror
A group of Russian tourists go on a shopping tour to neighboring Finland — only to be attacked by the Finnish cannibals. As it turns out, there is one day in a year when every Finn has to eat a foreigner — and today is that day!

Time Lapse

USA – Sci-Fi

In Time Lapse, three roommates discover a giant experimental machine that takes pictures 24 hours into the future. After enjoying the power of being one step ahead in life, disturbing images begin to arrive — descending into a dark future they no longer have control of.

Devil May Call

USA – Thriller

Terror strikes a suicide hotline when an obsessive caller turns out to be a sadistic serial killer. A young, blind woman’s last night working the phones becomes a desperate fight for survival when she becomes his next victim.

The Maid’s Room

USA – Hitchcockian Thriller

Drina, a young immigrant girl is hired by the Crawford family as a line-in maid. One night, Brandon, the Crawford’s son, is involved in a hit and run. Drina unwittingly becomes the only person outside of the family to know that Brandon killed a man. The Crawfords are determined to cover up the crime and Drina, putting her life at risk, doesn’t want to collaborate.

The Vineyard (Teirra de sangre)

Chile – Fantasy Thriller

The tale of Magdalena and the mysterious French owner of a vineyard. Their love affair and cultivation of the vine is interrupted by the surprise arrival of Etienne, Louis’ younger brother. Meanwhile, the local villagers are beginning to disappear. Magdalena suspects that Etienne and the mysterious disappearances are somehow connected, leading her on a journey that will lead her to discover an extraordinary truth about these brothers… and the ultimate power of the vine.


Canada – Horror

New York City, 1976. Duane Lewis is a cook at a hamburger joint. Whenever he hears disco music he literally goes into a homicidal mania. The girl he took out dancing will soon enough bitterly regret her invitation.

The Storm Within (Rouge sang)

Canada – Revenge Thriller

On New Year’s Eve 1799, Esperance, with her three young children anxiously await the return of her husband. But a snowstorm is brewing. As it builds in intensity, someone finally knocks on the door… but it’s not who she expected. Five British soldiers invade her home to take cover from the blizzard. As the night progresses, so does the tension in the small cabin in the woods. Horrific acts are committed and blood is spilled in the name of revenge. As the victim becomes the aggressor, one quickly understands that there is no place for mercy in hell.

Rock Hard \m/

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