[PIC] 7 Days Left To Support Tom Savini’s Remake Of Nightmare City

Nightmare City Remake

There are seven days left to support Tom Savini’s Indiegogo campaign for the spectacular remake of Umberto Lenzi’s zombie movie, Nightmare City. If you love fast running zombies, lots of blood splatter, and amazing make-up effects, then we suggest you follow this link to help the godfather of gore make Nightmare City that much bigger and better.

What are you waiting for? Hit the link and support it!


Official Synopsis For Nightmare City Remake:

After the outbreak of an unknown virus in the Caribbean, the Miami Port Authority receives an SOS from an international aid ship returning from Haiti. TV reporter Dean Miller and his cameraman Charlie are sent to the port where rescue teams are awaiting the arriving ship. At first, the ship appears to be deserted, but suddenly the rescue teams are attacked by dozens of deformed people. Infected by a new hybrid of two of the most deadly viruses of our time – Ebola and leprosy; their faces and bodies are covered with welts and sores and they are hungry for blood.

Dean and his colleague witness a brutal massacre and return to the TV station to inform the public about the horrifying events, but the government and military prohibit the broadcasting of the news in order to avoid a panic. With the public in the dark, the virus and the number of infected people start to spread over the city, while Dean, his wife Anna, and a small group are trying to escape from the “City of the Walking Dead”…

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