King Giant Premieres The First Track From Black Ocean Waves

king giant - black ocean waves - album cover

Who says there’s no good heavy metal these days? Who says there are no good American heavy metal bands anymore? Northern Virginia’s King Giant proves all naysayers wrong. OK, the band might be 10 years old, and it might not be the stuff that got your wang hard when you were a prepubescent teen, but it is legitimately amazing and it blows the doors off of anything relating to metalcore.

The new and first track (in the player above) to be released from King Giant’s forthcoming LP, Black Ocean Waves, is “Red Skies,” and it’s a brooding doom metal number with hints of psychedelic rock. Just as the lyrics weave a compelling tale, the excellent song craftsmanship tells a somber narrative as well. The mixing is also damn amazing, but I may be saying that because I heard something yesterday with piss-poor mixing. Take note of Dave Hammerly’s masterful and highly melodic vocal delivery, which compels you into the song’s story.

Guitarist Todd Ingram commented about the track:
I always thought [the] song was about Vikings. [Dave] Hammer told us the other day, ‘no it’s about a captain of a whaling ship that kills his whole crew.'”

king giant - black ocean waves - album cover

Black Ocean Waves will come ashore on June 30th, with CD/digital distribution through The Path Less Traveled, and the band handling the vinyl version of the album directly. See more at and stand by for upcoming King Giant tour news, in addition to more samples from the album.

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