The New Fabulous Fantastic Four Trailer!

Among the rash of recent super trailers — such as for Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Jurassic World — the new trailer for Fantastic Four might have dodged your radar, we certainly missed it on its April 19th release.

Along with the trailer, 20th Century Fox also released a new poster:

fantastic four poster

As you can see from the trailer, the Fantastic Four reboot from director Josh Trank and screenplay writer Simon Kinberg is an origin story inspired by the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics. To sum up the plot, four young scientists achieve superhuman abilities through a teleportation experiment gone haywire. They must now use these abilities to save the world from an uprising tyrant.

Fantastic Four stars Miles Teller (Whiplash) as Reed Richards (aka, Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (House of Cards) as Sue Storm (aka, The Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Chronicle) as Johnny Storm (aka, The Human Torch), Jamie Bell (The Adventures of Tintin) as Ben Grimm (aka, The Thing), Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) as Doctor Doom, Reg E. Cathey (The Wire) as Dr. Franklin Storm, and Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) as Harvey Elder (aka, The Mole Man).

Fantastic Four opens in theaters on August 7th.

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