Bates Motel, Season 3 – “The Last Supper”

bates motel season 3 - the last supper

bates motel season 3 - the last supper

If you didn’t know the title of this episode before watching, the showrunners beat you over the head with the biblical metaphor of The Last Supper. So, yes, we’re starting with the show’s conclusion, when the whole family (including Romero, Emma, and Caleb) joins together for dinner at the Bates’.

At this dinner, Norma expresses her fulfilled desire to have an open-door policy, whereby friends and family can come and visit anytime that they want, and even stay for dinner. Caleb then toasted to his sister, stating “God bless you, Norma.” And with perfect, indifferent timing, Norman says, “Food’s gonna get cold.”

bates motel season 3 - the last supper - norman dylan emma

With only three more episodes remaining this season, what is the storm that this last supper precedes?

Obviously Norman’s madness will escalate, but how will the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place?

What will Bob Paris do about Romero? For that matter, what will Romero do about the flashdrive now that he’s conflicted between getting his mother’s name off of it and his feelings toward Norma?

What will happen between Dylan and Emma? Is there really a budding romance there? Will Dylan or Caleb do a gun run for Chick? And will Caleb really be invited into the Bates fold?

bates motel season 3 - the last supper - norman and james 2

What will become of James Finnigan? Will he pressure Norma for romance or has Norman scared him off in that regard? Will James insist that Norma get help for Norman? Will Norman kill James? James does have to be respected for putting the hard question to Norman, “Do you want to sleep with your mother?”. And we know that the dramatic exchange between the two led to Norman choking James, the latter of whom fled the house telling Norma to get help for her son. James’ comment also partially contributed to Norman’s extremely disturbing sexual caress of his mother’s body as she slept.

bates motel season 3 - the last supper - norman and james

There’s a lot at stake as we ride into the final episodes of the season, but maybe none are higher than the conflicts within Norman, who seems to be standing against every man in town as they take away his mother piece by piece. As this happens his rage builds and clutches ever so more tightly to his mother’s apron strings, which is ironic because this directly contradicts his persistent insistence that he’s a man. Usually, as we grow into adulthood our reliance upon our parents diminishes, but this isn’t the case with Norman, who claims to be a man, but can’t let his mother go.

What will Norman do with all these men invading his territory? Even Dylan is taking a woman away from Norman; it’s not Norma, but the effect should be the same in Norman’s mind.

bates motel season 3 - the last supper - norman and caleb

Things are definitely ramping up for an excited Season Finale!

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