Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Teaser Trailer & Some Legal Issues

Amidst the new Mad Max and Star Wars trailers, there was also the simple Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser that was released yesterday, April 16th. There’s nothing especially exciting about the teaser, unless you find practically still images of both the heroes’ costumes absolutely enthralling, but it does whet the palate.

Be on the look out for a bigger trailer to be released this Monday, on April 20th!

Now, with a release date of March 25, 2016, the plot of the movie is still shrouded in mystery, but it seems that along with whatever is going on between Batman and Superman that the movie it will serve as a vehicle to introduce Justice League characters. Also, some elements of Dark Knight Returns will be present.

But, what is going on between Batman and Superman? Is there going to be an extended court case with the two entwined in a legal battle? Yes, I’m asking that question based on an issue I’ve long had with the movie’s title. See, if you look at any style guide, the use of “v” between two names or entities indicates a legal case. It is not an indication of a fight, which would require the use of “vs.” between the names. For example, “Roe v Wade” is a legal case and “Silva vs. Diaz” is a physical fight.

So, who knows, maybe the two will be fighting a legal battle for the rights to the name “Justice League.”

Unless there is some sort of legal case involved in the movie, it really bothers me that such a horrible usage error was made in the title.

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