Badflower Gets Their Mouth Washed Out With “Soap”

Wow! You know those songs that take you by surprise by how good they are? Well, that’s “Soap” by Badflower. Check out the track and video in the player above.

Honestly, I had little hope when I saw the video’s thumbnail (yeah, I can be a judgmental prick like that sometimes), but these guys do a masterful job of combining a modern rock sound with a mid-’90s, late grunge era sound. Plus, the lyrics are a well-crafted innuendo, unlike a lot of the blunt stuff that gets put out today.

Badflower is currently wrapping up dates in the UK, but will be back in the U.S. later on this month. When they are not on the road, Badflower is working on an EP that is expected to release sometime later this spring/early summer via Hundred Handed Records. Until then, you can grab your copy of the single “Soap” on iTunes now.

Rock Hard \m/

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