Brazilian Thrash/Death Band, Siriun, Release The Trippy “Transmutation” Video

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based thrash metal/death metal band Siriun released their new album, In Chaos We Trust, late last year. While the album is heavily influenced by thrash and death metal, it’s mixed with progressive and traditional Brazilian elements, and it’s available for streaming now via the band’s YouTube page.

Order In Chaos We Trust here.

Today, the band is pleased to introduce fans to their visually artistic side with their brand new animated music video for the track “Transmutation”, which was painstakingly illustrated and animated by Niklas Sundin (otherwise known as guitarist for Swedish melodic death metal group Dark Tranquillity) at his design studio, Cabin Fever Media. Watch the video in the player above.

Guitarist/vocalist Alexandre Castellan commented on the video:

The video is about the alchemical concept of turning lead into gold. That concept can also be an analogy for a search for internal perfection and spiritual enlightenment.

Castellan actually founded Siriun only last year as a way to give life to his musical ideas. To reach the best possible result, he recruited one of the world’s most renowned drummers, Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Daath, Suffocation), and his long-time friend Hugo Machado to play the bass guitar.

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