Suicide Monday: Black Metal And Pizza

jadefenix suicide
Jadefenix SuicideJadefenix SuicideJadefenix SuicideJadefenix SuicideJadefenix SuicideNiate SuicideNiate SuicideNiate SuicideNiate SuicideNiate Suicide

Mondays suck – Here’s your suicide solution.

Our favorite SuicideGirls meet a few of our standards: She should be tattooed and/or pierced, fit into one or more of our topics of interest (heavy metal, horror/sci-fi/action movies, MMA, and/or mature video games), and be a seemingly interesting person (as best as we can judge from their brief bios), and, of course, she must be sexy.

Why SuicideGirls? They say it best: “SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates Alternative Beauty and alternative culture from all over the world.” Hey, we’re into that subculture thing too.

Jadefenix Suicide

jadefenis suicide
Location: London
Age: 22
Into: Alchemy, arcane arts, black magic, drawing, tattooing
5 things that I can’t live without: Candy, pizza, Skyrim, Swisher Blunts
I spend most of my free time: Casting spells, drawing, eating all the food, gaming, meditating, nerding out with friends, painting, traveling, yoga

Music: Augury, Bathory, Behemoth, black metal, Burzum, Death Spell Omega, Electric Wizard, Funerbrarum, Glorior Belli, Gorgogoth, Marduk, Melvins, Meshuggah, punk, Slave Arc, Slayer, stoner metal, thrash metal, Vitriol, Weedeater

Television: David Attenborough, Nat Geo Wild, Planet Earth

Films: Gummo

Books: Narcissus and Goldmund

Video games: Battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls, Fall Out 3, Magic Online, Skyrim, World of Warcraft

Niate Suicide redefines what it means to be a hot redhead….

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