Adimirion’s “Ayahuasca” Video Is Haunting

adimiron - ayahuasca video

Fans of prog metal like Tool and, to a lesser prog extent, Gojira will definitely love the new track, “Ayahuasca,” from Italian band Adimiron. In addition to the relentless and driven pummeling contained within the track, the band has also just released an amazingly horrific animated video (in the player above) for the track. Czech artist, Monika Janouchová, drew the creepy animations for the video and commented:

‘Ayahuasca’ is an inspiring song. It has the power to take us to unreal places, and I just wanted to transform its potential into images. Each scene and situation brings us, together with the music, to a long surreal trip. Our mind opens and we are enabled to see more… It’s like a vivid dream in which we cannot tell whether it is real or not and if everything will be normal once woken up.

Named after the hallucinogenic brew used by indigenous tribes of South America that allows them to commune with the “spirits” and even to travel to different dimensions, the band describes ayahuasca as “the perfect concept for the final track of Timelapse, which was born with the desire to gradually carry the listener on a mystical and visual journey to the end of the album.”

Guitarist Alessandro Castelli commented on the album:

With Timelapse, we’re trying to explore our relationship with the only aspect that cannot be modified in our lives: the flow of time. The new album extends all our personal and daily feelings about the choices that compose our identity, a sort of glass sliding doors. But Timelapse is not only a mirror reflecting our inner tensions, it’s like a ‘portal’ to our relationship with the surrounding world and how it’s been modified from the beginning.

Released late last year, Adimiron’s new album, Timelapse, can be purchased here.

Adimiron Timelapse Track Listing:

1. Collateral
2. State of Persistence
3. The Giant and the Cow
4. Timelapse
5. Liar’s Paradox
6. The Burning of Methuselah
7. Redemption
8. The Furnace Creek
9. Ayahuasca

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