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Angel Dust (1992)

faith no more - angel dust - album cover
Angel Dust was the direct follow-up to The Real Thing, and the first Faith No More album to which Mike Patton contributed musically. It can be assumed that the album’s lead single, the powerful “Midlife Crisis,” was an attempt to follow in the success of “Epic,” but on the whole Angel Dust didn’t do as well as the previous album. The lack of widespread appeal can be attributed to the fact that the album explores a wider breadth of musical genres while maintaining its heavy metal integrity.

But while Angel Dust introduced elements of death metal, progressive metal, funk, jazz, surf, lounge, and just a whole lot more complexity, it’s still somehow accessible. However, not everyone in the band was content with the departure from conventional guitar-based music; guitarist Jim Martin either left or was fired from the band during/after the supporting tour for Angel Dust. Shortly before his departure, rumors were circulating that some of his guitar parts were removed from the album’s final mix. Martin wasn’t happy with the album’s title either, stating in an interview with MTV, “I just want you to know that if it’s named Angel Dust, it didn’t have anything to do with me.”

It’s an exercise in futility to try to name standout tracks as the variety here is so diverse that some things will appeal to some but not to others. However, while The Real Thing offered a visceral experience, Angel Dust offered something next-level, and remains a fan favorite.

Which album would you pick for the third inclusion?

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