Ex-UFC Fighter, Ryan Jensen, Catches Thieves Who Robbed Him

See, boys and girls, MMA news isn’t always about fighters getting arrested, beating on their girlfriends, or being fined for using performance-enhancing drugs. Sometimes there’s actually a fighter who can and does use his head. Take Ryan Jensen, for example. Jensen (20-8) last fought in Bellator back in April 2014, and he’s fought in the UFC eight times, now he runs his own training center, which is where this story gets started.

While at work in the training center, thieves broke into Jensen’s car and made away in another stolen vehicle. After work, Jensen discovered that his car had been robbed, but quick thinking led him to check the security camera, allowing him to get a view of the thieves’ car. Next, he checked his bank account and he discovered that his credit card had just been used at a nearby Wal-Mart, so off he goes. He finds the car in the parking lot and parks the thieves in and told them the cops were on the way. However, the thieves took off running back into the store, and Jensen gave pursuit.

It’s not clear exactly how the thieves were detained, but in the video above Jensen implies that he didn’t use his MMA training to subdue the suspects as he could have.

How would you have handled the situation if you were in Jensen’s situation?

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