Revenge Of The Hamburgers – A Horror Comedy With Animal Rights In Mind

We’re not exactly animal rights activists or vegans, but we can get behind a horror comedy about a ghost cow leading a horde of zombie animals in a revolt against the factory farm and meat corporation responsible for their sufferings and deaths. That’s exactly the film that writer/director Tom Zarzecki has crafted, Revenge of the Hamburgers, sending a message about the cruelty of meat production and factory farming.

revenge of the hamburgers

With the intention to both entertain and educate audiences, the movie follows follows Tanya and Alec who are opposite personality animal lovers who are caught in the chaos. Other characters include the farmer and the owner of the meat company. Through various perspectives one thing is for sure, No one wants to be served up for dinner.

The project is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help get them going, which is estimated at about $5,000. Go ahead and pay the page a visit, check out the perks… really, for a relatively low contribution you can a pretty significant credit on the film. Somehow, I think with all the organic zealots and vegan Nazis out there this film will achieve its goal and will be a major success on the festival circuit once its made and released.

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