Agnostic Front Say FTP On “Police Violence” [VIDEO]

Yup, when an old-school hardcore band tackles real societal issues, you can expect an old-school approach — and some kick-ass tunes to go along with the kick-ass attitude. That’s exactly what you get on Agnostic Front‘s 1:07-minute ripper, “Police Violence,” which attacks the cops who’ve been fucking with our civil liberties. Check out the video in the player above and get your rage on.

When you’re done there, maybe you want to check out the video in which the band talks about the police in detail:

“Police Violence” can be found on Agnostic Front’s upcoming album, The American Dream Died, which was produced by Madball singer Freddy Cricien and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Paul Miner (H2O, Terror) and will be released April 7, 2015, via Nuclear Blast Records. The album will be available as digital download, on vinyl, as well as on CD. A limited bundle with an exclusive T-Shirt will be available too. Secure your shit here.

Rock Hard \m/

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