Is This 7-Foot Beast Really A Nightmare For The Boxing World? [VIDEO]

Alright! So this man isn’t really a beast, sorry if I offended anyone, but Taishan Dong looks like one because he’s one of the tallest boxers I have ever seen. In fact, Dong is 7-feet tall with an 84-inch reach, which gives him a huge advantage over his opponents. People say Dong is a nightmare ready to dominate the boxing world, but is he fast and made of steel? I don’t think so, in my opinion he is a bit sloppy inside the ring and nowhere near the calibre of Mike Tyson. Maybe in the future, after he wins a few more fights, I might change my mind.

Dong made his pro boxing debut last July and already has two wins by knockout. Keep an eye on him, as he might be the next big thing in the boxing world.

Taishan Dong – Pro boxing debut

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