The Walking Dead, Season 5 – “The Distance”

the walking dead - season 5 - the distance - michonne and glenn fight walker

the walking dead - season 5 - the distance - michonne and glenn fight walker

Well, it finally happened… the gay moment on The Walking Dead has landed. This is a moment that has been talked about for at least a year, and rumors had Daryl coming out of the closet to attract additional LGBT viewers. Who knows if that will still happen, but for now Daryl is as straight as the arrows he fires from his crossbow.

Was the gay moment a big deal? Not really. Did the showrunners inflate the importance of the scene? I think so. Two gay guys, big woop. There was no need for the dramatics in their reunion scene, especially since we don’t care about these characters, Aaron and Eric, yet. At this point they are suspicious at best.

the walking dead - season 5 - the distance - eric and aaron

Some viewers thought that last week’s episode, “Them,” was a filler, but it’s my opinion that “The Distance” was the filler. Look, last week introduced us to a new character, gave us lots of grieving, and plenty of character development. This week, while introducing us to another character and giving us a zombie horde to contend with, did nothing but to show us that trust in anything outside the tribe is a rare commodity. We knew that. We also knew that Rick has become a no-bullshit leader willing to go to violent lengths to protect his own, as well as being a fair and just leader willing to listen to the wishes of his tribe.

The episode also brought us to Alexandria, where Aaron’s community is based. Isn’t it convenient that it’s also in the same direction as D.C.?

At one point during the episode, Rick said to Michonne that what he remembers hearing is nothing before entering Woodbury and the prison compound (I think the prison was the second location he mentioned). When the pull up to the gate of Aaron’s community Rick hears children laughing and playing. But, was this just in his head? Does he want this to be a safe haven so badly that his head is playing tricks on him?

the walking dead - season 5 - the distance - the tribe

Also, I love how Carol says to Rick, “Even if you were wrong, you were right.” Indicating that the tribe respects Rick even if they wanted to do something contradictory to his safety measures.

But what of Aaron and his community? Is it truly a safe haven full of caring people?

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