New Music: Sanktuary Drops Thrash Metal Gold On “Screeching For Vengeance”

What would you do if you lived in the frigid northern climes of the Canadian Yukon? I know I’d spend my time soaked in beer and mastering my thrash metal trade with my band in a basement with a wood-burning stove. And that’s exactly what Yukon-based Sanktuary sounds like, which means they sound awesome and any thrasher/hesher should want to party with them. In the player above, check out the band’s latest track, “Screeching for Vengeance,” which is an ode to Judas Priest, in case you were wondering.

The video was directed by duo Ian Matheson and John Davies (best known as the writer behind the movie Hobo With a Shotgun).

“Screeching for Vengeance” appears on Sanktuary’s 2013 debut album, Something Fierce, and is available on iTunes and the band’s Big Cartel store here.

“‘Screeching for Vengeance’ is a song that was written on a bender while the band was drinking Newfoundland Screech and is obviously an ode to Judas Priest’s song!” comments bassist Cole Hume.


Rock Hard \m/

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