Mandatory Listening: Evil Invaders’ “Pulses Of Pleasure” [VIDEO]

Fans of speed and thrash metal are going to love the title track, “Pulses of Pleasure,” from Belgian newcomers, Evil Invaders. The band might be new, but their sound is 100% pure classic thrash, and, yes, with tones of early Metallica and Exodus and… well, pretty much any band of the ’80s era. Killer riffs, balls-in-a-vice vocals, screaming solos, and unrelenting percussion, this is a testament that old-school thrash still has balls.

Evil Invaders’ exceptional debut will be released on March 2nd, in the UK and March 10th in the U.S./Canada (Napalm Records). Pre-orders Pulses of Pleasure on CD, MP3, and vinyl.

Rock Hard \m/

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