Behemoth To Release Official Biography In February

behemoth devils conquistadors

behemoth devils conquistadors

UPDATE: An excerpt from Devil’s Conquistadors can be read at The book will be released on February 24th, and pre-orders are available here.

Behemoth fans, get ready to pee yourselves!

Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors by Lukasz Dunaj, the official Behemoth biography, will be available for purchase in February 2015. Published by Metal Blade Records, the 490-page hardcover book serves as an in-depth look at the history of the events that materially influenced the band. As Dunaj points out in the intro, this isn’t “Poland’s response to Motley Crue‘s biography The Dirt.” Simply put, Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors is the story of Behemoth, their music, and their rise to the upper echelon of metal and becoming a household name in their native homeland, Poland.

The book includes quotes and anecdotes from current and former members that provide context and details in addition to the author’s narrative, plus interviews with Tomas Krajewski, Rob Darken, Graal, Havok, and more. The artistically presented pages are splattered with old photos of the band, flyers, lyric sheets, etc. Pre-orders are available now at, and include a bundle with an exclusive shirt available only with this pre-order. The passages below serve as previews of the book.

From the foreword by Krzysztof Azarewicz:

If, as a cultural anthropologist, I were to point to a single cosmic force which Behemoth’s music expresses, I would name it not Satan but Dionysus. A deity that represents not only the intoxicating influence of cosmic energies and earthly benefits, but also their benevolent healing properties. A deity of strength and pride. A deity of creative might.

Nergal discusses the acquisition of his first electric guitar:

The first communion was a very important moment for me. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Of course, not as a religion experience – I didn’t understand anything and couldn’t care less. Same as all the other kids. We all stood there with our votive candles and waited for one thing. Cash. The first communion must be one moment when you get the most money you’re ever going to get as a child. And for this money, I bought myself my first electric guitar. Not a bike, no Legos – a guitar.

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