Anathema Looks To Be A Kick-Ass Post-Apocalyptic Tale, And It Needs Your Help

Zombies have been popular for a long while, but it seems that in more recent years they’ve become the catalyst for the post-apocalypse story. If you’ve been around long enough to remember the Reagan years, and the Cold War era in general, then you know that nuclear holocaust or communist invasion used to be the cause of the apocalypse. Just look to Mad Max and Red Dawn for examples. Well, Yellers, it seems that there’s a new movie in the works that is looking to the old ways for inspiration.

At least, that’s the impression I get from the description below. However, if you watch the promo teaser above, you will hear a radio broadcast that mentions an incurable virus — but that doesn’t equate to zombies.

Northern UK filmmakers, Thomas R. Houston and Dane Jones, are set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their post-apocalyptic debut feature film, Anathema. If successful, the funds will be used to produce the movie and help bring this dark and brooding story to screen.

Vacant streets, boarded and lifeless. Nothing stirs for miles around except overgrown plant life, litter, and a sharp breeze. A barren, unmaintained reminder of an extinguished era.

The silence is shattered by hollering and crippling screams. A pack of once upstanding people brutalize a smaller group, throwing them into the street. The fight is over in minutes as the feral beasts batter the smaller group to submission.

The smaller group is lined together on their knees. They whimper and apologize in vain.

A man approaches the small group’s leader, club in hand. A squelch, hinted with a high-pitch ring, breaks the air. The noise is heard again, and again, and again.

The feral pack search through the small group’s belongings before leaving their mess behind. Silence returns.

Mankind’s end is near. Survival is an everyday fight.

Anathema is a taut, post-apocalyptic thriller/coming-of-age story following a teenager and his sister as they journey across the country, seeking out the rumors of salvation. Addison must learn that all he used to know is gone and his life depends on adapting to this hostile new world. To be sure, Anathema explores the depth of human behavior and survival in the most extreme situations. With dark overtones and insurmountable pressures, the film tells a tense story about growing up and the choices we are forced to make to continue.

The film has received interest in the lead roles from talent such as Alex Etel, lead of Danny Boyle’s Millions and The Water Horse; Amber Rose Revah, most notable for The Devil’s Double; and the award-winning John Lynch, who starred in Sliding Doors, In The Name Of Our Father, and many international TV dramas.

The purpose of this Kickstarter is to raise £30k for the production of Anathema. During and upon completion of production, finances will be raised via industry sources and tax credits for post-production/distribution.

Keep up with Anathema on its official website and on Facebook.

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