Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard (2015) Review



Directed by Harrison Smith Written by David Agnew Penn, Harrison Smith
Starring Mischa Barton, Billy Zane, Dee Wallace

104 mins - Horror | Zombie - Release date: 3 February 2015 (DVD/Blu-ray)

Another day, another zombie movie. And adding to the glut of so-so zombie-genre movies is Harrison Smith’s (co-writer/director) Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard.

Essentially, the town (aka, trailer park) of Elwood within the movie has become a safe place within a world that’s been overrun by an infection that turns the dead into zombies. It’s not unlike the prison safe haven or Woodbury in The Walking Dead, but unlike the beloved show, we don’t really care about any of the characters in Zombie Killers. OK, we might care a little for Ian Sommers (Michael Kean) who is a fresh recruit as one of Elwood’s “elite” Zombie Killers. He’s also caring for his younger brother and his mother (Dee Wallace) who’s dying of cancer. He’s also in love with Nikki (Gabrielle Stone).

Given that the movie’s title refers to the supposed elite fighting force known as Zombie Killers, and the fact that they’ve undergone years of training by Seiler (Billy Zane) and frequently participate in actual zombie target practice, one would expect that these “soldiers” would know how to fire a weapon. OK, so they train with paintball guns, but that’s no excuse for the excessive recoil these actors display. They look like they’re having an epileptic seizure when the fire, which means they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn at 10 feet.

zombie killers - shooting

One of the more interesting points in the movie is the internal divide within Elwood. Obviously, this is something that would likely happen in a post-apocalyptic micro society. I wish this was explored more in the movie.

As it were, the filmmakers focused on the bigger picture, which was the threat of a massive zombie heard migrating toward Elwood. This is the Elephant’s Graveyard part of the movie’s title. The movie actually did a good job in showing, although limited, the size of the herd. And it was interesting to see how Elwood’s two factions dealt with impending doom.

Why was there a massive herd of zombies migrating? The movie explains that too. Apparently there’s a protozoa inhabiting the dead bodies and changing some biological aspect. The only purpose of the protozoa is to spread itself, and apparently this is also what caused the dinosaurs to go extinct!

zombie killers - zombie

Although Elwood perished, there were survivors, and they ended up at another micro society. Laughably, this other group of survivors is led by hipsters. And to conclude the movie… well, there really isn’t one. But it’s left wide open for a sequel. Overly optimistic?

The Verdict:

Zombie Killers really is only for those who devour anything zombie related. Casual genre fans probably won’t care too much or be able to appreciate the minute details (i.e., virus origins) of the movie. The special effects were fairly well-executed for a low-budget movie and the acting wasn’t indigestible (except the weapon firing); it wasn’t 100% believable, but it wasn’t failing either.

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