Here Come The Fish! Two Fresh Clips From Zombie Killers!

Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard finds its way to Blu-ray and DVD on February 3rd, but until then we have two fresh clips to share with you. Not to give too much away, but zombie fish, as seen in the player above, aren’t the only wildlife affected by the virus, and the fish are a lot less interesting.

zombie killers -billy zaneWhy, yes. Of course I’m Rick Grimes!

As well, we also have a clip of Billy Zane as Seiler in all his Rick Grimes-inspired glory. Check him out in the clip below.

Zombie Killers – “Wheels Up” Clip:

Zombie Killers stars Billy Zane, Mischa Barton, Dee Wallace (yup, that Dee Wallace, the one from E.T. and Cujo), and Gabrielle Stone.

Zombie Killers Synopsis:

A young militia is all that stands between a coming dead horde and their rural town decimated by the fracking industry.

Rock Hard \m/

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