New Music: Them County Bastardz Offer “Drive By” Free Download

them county bastardz

them county bastardz

With an intro that sounds like Motley Crue‘s “Kickstart My Heart,” Canadian newcomers, Them County Bastardz, kick ass and take names on their new track, “Drive By,” which is currently being offered as a free download at If you like a stripped-down, redneck brand of hard rock that borders on heavy metal, then it’s worth your time to at least check out the track, which comes off the band’s upcoming debut album, Sick Daze (February 24th), via Smokehouse Records.

About Them County Bastardz:

Them County Bastardz keep it simple! They are local dudes from Essex County (an hour south of Windsor/Detroit area) who are in it to make old-school metal with back 40 rock and having fun while doing it! Their upcoming debut album Sick Daze is due out February 24, 2015, via Smokehouse Records. Produced by Chris Towle and TBC plus mastered by Chuck Carvaalho, Sick Daze features seven tracks inspired by true stories and experiences of the band living life in the county, so crack open a beer, get ready to rock out, and have a good time.

Fun Fact: The album title Sick Daze refers to when you take a Monday off work because you are still feeling the weekend fun.

Rock Hard \m/

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