Dictated’s Death Metal Is Hypnotic – Watch “This Is To All”

Dictated released their debut album, The Deceived, last year, but today the Dutch death metal outfit has opened the morgue’s doors to unleash the “This Is to All” video. True enough that York Keijzer’s vocals are of the more modern death metal sort, but their are harrowing and evil, and I do like how he seamlessly transitions between the throat-scratching growls and the deeper, guttural grunts. And the track is clearly a sonic boom on a nuclear scale, with drumming that could wake the dead, but what’s really interesting are the chord progressions on the dual guitars. Ok, it’s catchy, and be damned, I think it sounds cool.

After you recover from the devastating “This Is to All” video above, check out Sonja Schuringa and Yessica Otten shred in the demonstration video for the track “The Basher” (below), features guest vocalist Jason Keyser of Origin!

Dictated will be performing shows from February and throughout 2015 in Europe. The confirmed list of shows is below.

Order Dictated’s The Deceived here.

Dictated Is:

York Keijzer – vocals
Sonja Schuringa – guitars
Yessica Otten – guitars
Henri Sattler – (session) bass
Michiel vd Plicht – (session) drums

Dictated Show Dates:

14/02/15 NL – Rijssen – Lucky
21/02/15 NL – Purmerend – P3
07/03/15 NL – Beek & Donk – Fortress Fest
12/03/15 IE – Dublin – Fiber Magees
13/03/15 IE – Limerick – Dolans
14/03/15 IE – Galway – Roisin Dubh
16/05/15 NL – Emmen – Emmen Metal Fest
23/05/15 NL – Den Haag – Metalcon
25/07/15 NL – Steenwijk – Stonehenge
22/08/15 NL – Nijverdal – Tattoo Fest

Rock Hard \m/

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