Death Grinders, Theories, Punish With “Cycle Of Decay”

theories - regression

theories - regression

Seattle-based Death Grind unit, Theories, formed in 2011, and will soon release their Metal Blade debut LP, Regression. In anticipation of the March 24, 2015, release date, the band is offering up the brutal track “Cycle of Decay.”

It sounds great, but the drums seem to be featured a bit too prominently, burying the vocals and guitars under a layer of recently cremated ash. This is usually a problem when seeing a death band in a small club, and it’s something that shouldn’t come out on a studio recording. Nonetheless, it’s still quality, in-your-face death metal.

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Regression Track Listing:

01. Burnt Concrete
02. Cycle of Decay
03. Shame
04. Abortive Crescent
05. Bathing in Pigs Blood
06. First World’s Last Breath
07. Swimming in Mud
08. Revenge/Rewild
09. Hell in Her Eyes
10. Landfill

About Theories:

Theories has been propagating the seeds of bleak, dark, and terminally infuriated grind metal in the pacific northwest since their 2011 inception. The band, comprised of current and former members Samothrace, Skarp, and Book of Black Earth, released their debut EP that same year. Their touring campaign followed shortly thereafter, and have since terrorized the stages through the U.S. on nearly a dozen tours and to festivals including Maryland Death Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Southwest Terror Fest, and their most recent tour with new labelmates, Cattle Decapitation. Vocalist Rick Powell, guitarist Lee McGlothlen, bassist Kush Karimi, and drummer Joe Axler are of a singular focus to tour as much as possible touting their punishing audio violence.

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