Treedeon Impress On “Terracide”

treedeon 2015

treedeon 2015

Ok, coming across the promo image for Germany’s new sludge metal band, Treedeon, one can expect to roll their eyes and think, “Oh, great, another female-fronted band.” Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, but too often the emphasis is on said female’s sexuality rather than the quality of the music. It’s great if there’s both, should the band choose to exploit that angle.

So, after following the link to hear Treedeon’s first single, “Terracide,” from their debut album, Lowest Level Reincarnation, I bit my lip, squeezed my eyes closed, and prepared for the worst. But, to my ears’ delight, I was totally surprised. The track is a down-tuned, fuzzed-out dirty sludge metal song, and Yvonne Ducksworth’s vocals aren’t pretty, meaning that she doesn’t try to sound all angelic with her clean vocals and she doesn’t try to pose as some demonically possessed entity with her harder vocals.

Of course, if you’re familiar with Jingo de Lunch, then you already know Yvonne. The rest of the band consists of Ulme’s Arne Heesch and Christian “Boomer” Böhm.

Treedeon’s Lowest Level Reincarnation will be released on March 9th. The band recorded at Studio Wong in Berlin throughout November 2014.

In the words of the Treedon members themselves:

‘Music always was some kind of therapy for me. To use the passion to get rid of things that drag you down. Playing in a band where this is possible is a gift.’ [Arne]. ‘Definitely the most powerful album I’ve ever been part of. We combined aggression and melody, had a great time writing and recording these songs. I can’t wait to play them live, which is exhausting, but very satisfying.’ [Boomer]. ‘Had I known what I was getting myself into with this singing & bass playing at the same time thing, I may have reconsidered….. Now it’s just too late, cause I’m having way too much fun with it…. I get to be twice as loud. Finally.’ [Yvonne].

Rock Hard \m/

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