Sony Extends Memberships And Offers 10% Discount To All PSN Users

Sony News

After the PlayStation Network experienced serious downtime on Christmas, which lasted nearly three days, Sony has decided to show their appreciation and give users back a little bonus in the New Year.

According to Thursday’s announcement from Sony, the company plans to do the following:

PlayStation Plus Membership Extension

Anyone who had an active membership or free trial on December 25th will receive a membership extension of five days. This extension will be applied automatically. In the event that your membership or trial ends before the extension becomes available, you’ll still receive the five extra days of Plus.

10% PlayStation Store Discount

Sony will offer a 10% discount code to all PlayStation Network users that is good for a one-time discount of your total PlayStation Store purchase. Sony will announce more details about this offer later this month.

Last week, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live was taken down by a DDoS attack. Apparently, an alleged member (Vinnie Omari) of the Lizard Squad hacker group responsible for the attack on Christmas was arrested on Tuesday by UK Police.

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