[PIC] Tusk (2014) Blu-Ray/DVD Details

Tusk (2014)

Your first New Year’s reminder has arrived. Kevin Smith’s wickedly funny modern-day monster movie, Tusk, is finally out on Blu-ray and DVD. Tusk hit the dying disk format on Tuesday, December 30th, which includes plenty of extras such as deleted scenes, multiple “making of” featurettes, a career retrospective featurette with Kevin Smith, and an audio commentary with Kevin Smith plus the original podcast that inspired the film.

If you come across this wickedly cool cover art above for Tusk in a store near you, make sure to pick it up. We promise you won’t be disappointed with the movie.

About Tusk

A podcaster (Long) looking for a juicy story is plunged into an unpredictable, unsettling, and absurd nightmare after he travels to the backwoods of Canada to meet an eccentric recluse (Parks) with a lifetime of adventures — and a disturbing fondness for walruses.

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