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Artist Gash Album Subspace Year Released: 31 October 2013
Genre Punk | Hard Rock | Metal | Glam

Imagine if the members of the New York Dolls and the members of GWAR got together and had an orgy with Wendy O. Williams, and then, in much the same way that Freddy Kruger came into being, their semen miraculously fertilized one of her eggs! You then might possibly end up with a BDSM band by the name of Gash. If that sounds vulgar (the band’s name, not my descriptive prose above), good, it’s meant to be. Vulgar, shocking, liberating, loose, free, loud, and gritty, grimy, street urchin punk! Gash is all that and a bag of chips.

From what I can gather, this Philadelphia-based band only has one EP, 2013’s Subspace, which boasts four searing hot tracks, possibly a fifth, live later addition. Gash also has one music video (“Ritual”), which is a performance video, but it includes stomping a human carpet by the band’s dominatrix, Domme Stephxecutioner, so it’s totally awesome.

In fact, the EP opens with “Ritual,” which itself opens with a retro ‘70s-era drum rhythm that might have you thinking of a certain Gary Glitter sports anthem. I assure you, however, that what follows is nothing your mother would approve of — and if she approves of Gary Glitter she needs an education! And if your mom approves of such lyrics as “Succubus mysterious… he’s a sex fiend, gone dead, tear up the world inside of my bed,” well, then, I want to meet your mother!

Tibbie X’ vocals on “Ritual” are harsh and a fuckton of awesome. They’re so raw you can practically see the bloody mess inside her throat. Musically, it’s just as raw as Tibbie’s vocals. The band plays with a wild and free abandon that’s 100% refreshing, and taking a cue from the blues-inspired punk perpetrated by the aforementioned New York Dolls. In the track’s later third, the tempo slows down drastically to make room for a languid and loose guitar solo before bringing the whole thing to a close.

gash live

The next track, “Deadly Venom V,” picks up where “Ritual” left off before fading out. Jump right into this mosh-worthy, high-octane, almost pop punk jam.

“Astral D.S” picks up the pace even more, bringing with it a thrash metal vibe mixed with a real punk rock style. If you’re a sub in the BDSM world, this is your anthem. And if you’re just an old-school heavy metal fan, you can’t go wrong here.

“Luxuria” brings a touch of musicianship, along with a slowed tempo to kick things off. Also, Tibbie’s vocals are notably softer. The tapestry of sadness and anxiety that is woven here is palatable. But by song’s end, there’s a sense of catharsis, as if you’re ready, willing, and able to fight the “wicked world” that Tibbie sings about.

Check out Gash on Facebook. You can also buy Subspace there.

gash live

Gash Is:
Tibbie X – Vocals
A.J Delinquent – Guitar
Hit Cunningham – Guitar
Travis Travesty – Bass
Atom Riot – Drums
Domme Stephxecutioner – Dominatrix

The Verdict:

There’s a raw sexuality in Gash’s music, which one would hope you’d grasp. So, if you’re looking for some music that’ll make you feel something in your pelvic region, or if you’re looking for a band to book (or just a soundtrack to play) at your next fetish night gathering, you might want to check out Gash. These four tracks are as solid as they come from a new band. They’re well-constructed and have a sense of purpose. Sonically, the album belongs in Cape Canaveral. As alluded to earlier, details about the band and the EP are scarce, but I imagine that this was recorded independently, and as such it is a shining star. Do yourself a favor and check this band out. You’ll be an instant fan.

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