How Does 3 Movies For Just 99 Cents Sound?

99 cent network

Do you have a movie fan on your Christmas list? Actually, who doesn’t like movies anyway? But if you’ve got someone who’s more than the average blockbuster fan, someone who revels in cinema classics like The Wasp Woman, Spooks Run Wild, The Last Man on Earth, The Wild Women of Wongo, Unknown World, Robo Vampire, Savages From Hell, and thousands of other titles and genres* to choose from, then you need to take a look at The Movie & Music Network.

If you do your “shopping” there (either for yourself or said movie fan), you’re in for a hell of a deal, but especially now with the launch of the 99 Cent Network on December 17, 2014. (Note that the 99 Cent Network website will not be functional until 1 p.m. PST on launch day.) What is this promotion, you ask?

Let Yell! Magazine break this down for you:
Basically you pay 99 cents for three movies to own forever and ever. They’re obviously not physical copies, but that only makes them more portable on your devices. One of the cool features here is that you can share your movies with your friends. So, even if you do buy this great deal for yourself, you still get to give a gift.

99 cent network

If three movies aren’t enough for your greedy ass, then take advantage of the network’s $1.99 deal to bag yourself 10 movies!

Start building your collection today!

Note: The first collections that will be available on December 17th are horror, science fiction, westerns, pink eiga, and Holiday films.

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