Ouija To Hit Blu-Ray/DVD This January



Ouija, the supernatural horror from director Stiles White, gets the Blu-ray/DVD treatment this January 13, 2015, so you might want to pocket your Christmas loot and spend it in the New Year. The reviews were mixed, but we think it’s still probably worth the investment… you know, in 10 years this will be a classic and considered quality filmmaking.

If you’re not down for a hardcopy, Ouija will be coming to VOD on February 3rd.

Ouija Synopsis:

After Debbie (Shelley Hennig, Teen Wolf) suddenly dies, her best friend Laine (Olivia Cooke, Bates Motel) attempts to contact her using an antique Ouija board she finds in Debbie’s room. When the curious teen begins asking the board questions and stumbles upon the mystery of her friend’s death, Laine discovers a resident spirit calling itself DZ, and eerie, inexplicable events begin to follow her. The group of friends dig deeper into the history of Debbie’s house and are shocked to find that Debbie wasn’t the first victim—and won’t be the last if they don’t figure out how to close the portal to the spirit world they’ve opened.

Bonus Features Exclusive to Blu-ray:

-The Spirit Board: An Evolution – Journey back in time and trace the history of “automatic writing” and “talking boards” as it goes from ritual to novelty act to board game and now movie.
-Icon of the Unknown – A look at the mystical and scientific explanations for how the Ouija board works.

Bonus Features on Blu-ray and DVD:

-Adapting the Fear – Join the cast and crew on set to learn how they adapted this portal to the spirit world into a feature film.

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