Behind-The-Scenes Look At Jessica Alba Dancing And Grinding In Sin City 2 [VIDEO]

Sin City: A Dame to Kill was more style than substance compared to the ground-breaking first entry, but the neo-noir thriller is still worth a watch because Jessica Alba returns as Nancy, and she performs another stunning striptease in front of hardcore thugs like Marv at Kadie’s Saloon.

Although, Sin City 2 has been out on Blu-ray/DVD since November 18, 2014, a brand new behind-the-scenes video clip has surfaced of Jessica Alba doing her famous dance on the green screen. Clearly, this is just another attempt to draw your attention to the movie because everything else about Sin City 2 pretty much sucked.

Personally, I wouldn’t waste time watching Sin City 2, other than for this dance scene. So, enjoy it!

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