Cung Le Requests To Be Released From The UFC, Wants To Fight In Bellator MMA

UFN 48: Bisping vs. Le

After being falsely accused by the UFC for testing positive for human growth hormone (HGH) in a UFN 48 post-fight drug test, Vietnamese-American mixed martial artist Cung Le still has a chip on his shoulder with the organization because he and his team still believe the damage is done to his reputation regardless of the rescinded drug result.

According to a recent interview with Josh Gross, Le told the veteran MMA reporter that he prefers not to be part of the Zuffa-owned banner anymore, and that he prefers not to put effort into something he doesn’t believe in anymore.

Le’s manager Gary Ibarra, who also took part in the interview, stated the following:

The consensus prior to this situation was that Cung was that he was an honorable man. A family man, a true embodiment of what martial arts is: Respect, honor, he embodied all of those things. And now his career will ever be tarnished, or forever have something of an asterisk next to it, due to something that is no fault of his own. Does anybody deserve that? No, absolutely not. I would hope the UFC would understand that and recuse themselves from further drug testing when there are no athletic commissions, and leave drug testing in the hands of people who specialize in drug testing so that this doesn’t happen again.

As for Le’s future in the UFC, he already requested his release from his UFC contract and revealed that if he would fight for anyone again, it would be with Bellator CEO Scott Coker.

If I would fight for anyone, it would be Scott Coker, I would not fight for the UFC after what happened.

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