Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth’s Barbaric Album Teaser

The crushing album teaser for Brothers of the Sonic Cloth’s forthcoming, self-titled debut album has been unleashed, and you should check it out. Featuring Tad Doyle (formerly of TAD and Hog Molly) on guitar/vocals, Peggy Doyle on bass, and Dave French (The Anunnaki) on drums, the track used in this promo clip is prehistoric in its rawness, barbaric in its heaviness, and majestic in its ominousness. Judging from the opening line here, I’m guessing that of the seven album tracks to choose from, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth have used “I Am.”

Look for this one to drop on February 17, 2015, via Neurot Recordings

brothers of the sonic cloth

Elaborates Doyle of the band’s creation:

After almost 15 years without putting out a record, much time was spent woodshedding, riffing, and writing new material. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth was originally a recording-only project and creative outlet for me playing all instruments on early unreleased demos, but I quickly realized that I wanted the music to be played live so I would have to enlist other like-minded players. Peggy was an obvious choice with her enthusiasm and energy that made her an asset right from the start of integrating the band with other musicians. Dave French was a guy we both related to on a musical and deep spiritual level. We had played shows together with our respective bands, Peggy and I in Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and Dave, who played bass in his band The Anunnaki. Dave completed the circle when he offered to play drums and his joining was this last piece that solidified the band. We are very honored and excited to have this release on Neurot Recordings whom with their legacy goes a fierce integrity that we are proud to be a part of.

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth Track List:

1. Lava
2. Empires Of Dust
3. Unnamed
4. La Mano Poderosa
5. I Am
6. The Immutable Path
7. Outro

We’ll keep you posted as more develops from this impending release.

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