62-Year-Old Mickey Rourke “Knocks Out” 29-Year-Old Elliot Seymour

mickey rourke boxing russia

mickey rourke boxing russia

Some are calling it a farce and that 29-year-old Elliot Seymour (1-10) took a fall in the bout with 62-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor, Mickey Rourke (7-0-2), and it’s hard to deny those accusations after watching the clip over at Deadspin.

The fight took place today, Friday, November 28th, in Moscow, Russia. It was scheduled for five rounds, and after Rourke knocked Seymour down for the second time in the second round, the ref stopped the fight. Additionally, ESPN.com’s Dan Rafael Tweeted that Seymour could hardly walk to the ring.

Nonetheless, legit or farce, it takes balls for a 62-year-old man to enter the ring with another man more than half his age. Any number of things could have happened, heart attack, aneurysm, broken hip, no matter how many weeks he trained and how much weight he lost, which happened to be 35 pounds.

Rourke took up a short boxing career in the ‘90s, and his last fight resulted in his need for facial reconstructive surgery. This time around, the actor said that he had some personal issues going on in his life and that he needed the boxing to save himself.

So, what do you think, was this bout fixed? A publicity stunt? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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