The Walking Dead, Season 5 – “Crossed”

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The time has come to bring the cast of The Walking Dead together, almost. While the majority of our characters are still divided up into their sub-groups, we got a glimpse of what they’re all doing and how it all ties together. And although there are ups and downs in “Crossed,” the episode ends on a bleak note.

Gabriel Flees:

the walking dead, season 5, episode 7 - rick and michonne fortify church
Let’s deal with something seemingly simple first. What’s the deal with Gabriel? Is his cowardly streak really that deep? It is his belief, however, that Rick and the group aren’t necessarily good people since they killed the cannibals in his church and in what looked like cold blood. And his inability to help the group board up the church, as well as his concern about the cross being used as raw material for Carl and Judith’s safety is very telling of his character and priorities.

Over the course of the show, Carl gives Gabriel a lesson on the facts of life in the new world. Even Carl is surprised that Gabriel has survived this long in the church without incident, and he basically tells the priest that in order to survive it’s kill or be killed. It was hard to tell, but Michonne, hearing this conversation, appeared either to be admiring Carl or to be disgusted by Gabriel.

the walking dead, season 5, episode 7 - carl

Gabriel then feels compelled to slink out of the church to escape, as if he were being held hostage. Does he really feel that much distrust or that the group is that bad? Somehow a Walker takes him by surprise in the woods, and although he drops the undead onto a branch, he’s unable to drop a rock on its head when he sees her cross.

A Broken Ford:

Not a lot goes on with the Ford sub-group. Ford stayed on his knees pretty much the whole time while Maggie, who still hasn’t talked about Beth, sets up a shading device for Eugene. Glenn, Rosita, and Tara go looking for water and end up getting to know one another a bit more, and then they go fishing… but Tara finds something interesting in a recovered backpack. What the hell is it?

Tying in with Carl’s lesson of defending oneself to Gabriel, Rosita expresses the fact that Eugene is all but useless in this world. She does say, however, that they can’t really fault him for using the one skill that has allowed him to survive this long, lying.

At one point Ford stands up, but Maggie holds him at gunpoint and tells him to get back on his knees. Later in the episode she seems to contradict herself by condemning him for sitting there all day, “get over yourself.” I really wish there was more consistency with Maggie’s character. She is the one character that truly bugs me this year… and I like her!

Beth Hears Them Calling:

the walking dead, season 5, episode 7 - ambush
Back at the hospital, Dawn makes the call to stop treating Carol, but Beth advocates for continuing. Secretly, Dawn gives Beth the key to the drugs locker so that Beth can treat Carol on her own. When Beth asks the doctor which drugs to administer, he suspects that that Dawn gave her the key and says that she probably didn’t do so out of the kindness of her heart. Nonetheless, he tells her what drug to give Carol (would you trust him?).

During Beth’s plan to get the guards away from the drug locker, did anyone else notice how quickly the guards arrived when that old man started coughing, running right by Beth as she walked away from him? Did they not see her just give something to the old guy? How stupid are these people?

One thing that I thought was really cool was how Beth’s eyes lit up when she heard the gunfire outside the hospital? Oh, she knows a rescue is in motion, and she knows that her people are strong.

Rick’s Humility:

the walking dead, season 5, episode 7 - rick holds gun
Rick increased his likeability in this episode, but he really didn’t do much else. His confession that he owes Carol more was endearing, and then his humility to accept Tyreese’s alternate rescue plan shows that he’s evolving as a leader.

So, they put Tyreese’s plan into action, and after an ambush, a reverse ambush, a chase, some kick-ass melted Walkers, a fight, and capture, the “police” reveal to Rick and the others that their plan might not work. The police offer an alternate plan and instruct Rick on how to communicate with Dawn. But are the police being sincere? Are they so willing to betray Dawn?

Now, Sasha has been troubled by the loss of Bob throughout the episode. Tyreese has been there, trying to support her and offering her his shoulder. So when one of the police reveals that his name is Bob too, Sasha is primed to be taken for a ride because of her desire to be with her Bob again.

Rick and co. put Tyreese’s plan in action… cop car comes for gun shots, capture Noah, then the ambush from Rick. Then they get ambushed by a second car.
The cops take off, Rick and others give chase, Daryl stays back to check out a trailer and gets jumped by a cop, they fight, Rick comes back to the rescue
Daryl says three is better than two

Miscellaneous Questions:

-Just one question this week: How are people a crack shot to hit a Walker between the eyes, but can’t hit anyone driving a car?

Rock Hard \m/

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