Ice-T Ft. On Upon A Burning Body’s Cover Of “Turn Down For What”

Here’s a massively testosterone-fueled cover of DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” from Upon a Burning Body (UABB) and Ice-T. Arguably it’s better than the original… ok, ok, it is better than the original, but only because of Ice-T’s involvement and the Metallica sample. Is the newly released video better than the original? That’s up to you, although DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s was way more inventive. However, the UABB video is a big commercial for Spencer’s and Coldcock Whiskey.

Watch the Dan Centrone-directed UABB & Ice-T video in the player above, then check out the original below.

As you can see, the just released UABB video features an agro party scene in a strip club with and endless flow of drinks and some humorous moments. As director Centrone states, “I can’t think of a better combination than Texas metal, a hip-hop legend, and strippers twerking in horse masks.”

In a recent press statement, UABB’s Danny Leal mentions, “It was amazing doing a video with Ice-T. He is such an inspiration. To be able to have him in a UABB video is a true honor. We hope everyone enjoys and parties to our remake of ‘Turn Down For What.’”

Rock Hard \m/

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