The Walking Dead, Season 5 – “Consumed”

the walking dead season 5 - consumed - daryl fights walkers behind van

the walking dead season 5 - consumed - carol behind van

More drama on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Actually, it was more about Carol’s backstory, but it was still more dialog than action. Given that “Consumed” has been the third consecutive episode like this it’s probably safe to assume that we’re in for some hardcore action real soon. It might not come next week, as my guess is that Daryl and Noah will just make it back to the church to rally the troops, but it’ll happen soon. But it should happen the following week for the mid-season finale.

The near episodic approach to the season so far offers a nice change of pace on the whole and from week to week. It also keeps viewers interested while filling in the gaps… or catching us up to what has happened to cast members. And that’s what this episode was about, catching us up with Carol, which is good because I honestly forgot that she lost her daughter.

the walking dead season 5 - consumed - noah

Aside from her unfortunate family history, the last time we saw Carol she was being carted into the hospital where Beth is being held captive. I think we all knew that Carol knew or suspected that Beth was in the hospital, but we probably didn’t know she went in without a plan.

Other than that, she let Daryl know precisely what she’d been up to since leaving the prison, which wasn’t a whole lot. She basically spent her time holed up in an apartment until she saw the smoke from the prison fire and then headed off to rescue her friends. However, how she feels about each phase of her life (before the outbreak, after, in the prison, and now) serves as the title of this episode because she feels that each phase “consumes” the previous one.

the walking dead season 5 - consumed - daryl fights walkers behind van

Of course this Carol backstory is served on a backdrop of some minor action (but that van scene was real cool) and off of Daryl, whom she compliments by telling him he’s become a man since they first met. She forgot to tell him that he’s always been a badass though.

Has anyone noticed how comfortable our characters have become around the Walkers? This isn’t a revelation, it’s a fact that’s been there for some time now, but entering a corridor with only an exit at the other end seems almost old hat for our guys now. But even a smallish group of Walkers is minor work, only when there’s a huge herd are they dangerous. It could be said that this emphasizes the point that the show is making that the real danger now comes from other humans.

the walking dead season 5 - consumed - daryl fights walkers

Carol also delivered a bit of dialog that enforces a minor theme that I’ve been pushing, that of a religious connotation. Basically she says that she doesn’t know whether or not she believes in a heaven or hell anymore, but that she wants to stay alive as long as possible. So, Maggie might be losing or finding faith, Carol is losing it, and Gabriel might just be a fragile eggshell of what remains of religion.

Random observations:

-Did anyone catch the homosexual joke Carol made about Daryl, about how the pink sheets suit him better?
-Did Daryl find a truck to get back to the church a little too easily?
-Daryl’s badass comment to Noah when Noah took his crossbow: “You got some balls.”

Rock Hard \m/

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