New Music: Letallis Offers Resonate LP At Your Price

letallis resonate

letallis resonate

New York City-based progressive/death metal crew, Letallis, has just independently released their second full-length album. One listen to Resonate and you’ll be hooked. The production, the intricacies, the honesty, the tone, the riffs, musicianship… they’re all superb. Do yourself a favore and expand your music base with a listen to Resonate over at Letallis’ Bandcamp page. While you’re there, you can download the album at a name-your-price rate. (The physical CD of Resonate is currently being manufactured and will be available soon.)

If you’ve been a fan of Letallis since their 2008 debut, The World Awakened, you might find Resonate to be a little different. While the debut album featured a full lineup, this time around it’s a one-man show with guitarist Jake Calonius taking over all production duties, executing all of the songwriting, the delivery of the vocals, guitars, bass, and drum programming, while also handling the recording, mixing, and mastering duties except the vocals, which were recorded by Matt Conlon.

The ambitious Resonate captures Letallis’ epic and melodic yet crushing style, blending elements of death metal and progressive metal, with over an hour of brand new material. While some of the tracks take a more vicious approach, other passages of the record emanate very organic and atmospheric qualities, forming a diverse album that fans of Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation, and Inanimate Existence can immediately relate to. The vibrant cover art was created by Jeremy Kiraly.

Resonate Track Listing:

1. In All Forms
2. Within Reach
3. The Darkness Of Mere Being
4. Bed Of Stars
5. Viridian
6. Dissonant Hand
7. Idle Fears
8. Mirage
9. How Vast?
10. Betrayal
11. Reflecting
12. Resonate

About Letallis:

Letallis was formed by several high school friends in New Jersey at the end of 2005, and released their debut album, The World Awakened, in 2008, the whole time performing frequently throughout the state including opening for the likes of Powerman 5000, Candlemass, and more, and even landing a day spot on the Vans Warped Tour. Upon graduating high school in 2009, the band members followed different paths, and guitarist Jake Calonius returned to his native NYC to study audio engineering and continue his exploration of music. Calonius began constructing the next Letallis chapter in 2010, and after nearly five years of dedication, has finally completed the band’s second album, Resonate.

A fresh juncture in Letallis’ lineage will soon be made apparent, as Calonius is currently reforming a new live lineup in preparation of taking the songs from Resonate to stages across the region and beyond in 2015. News of this new stage of the band will be announced in the months ahead.

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