You Need To Hear This: Mammoth Black “Open Death Letter” [VIDEO]

Self-described heavy sludge rockers, Mammoth Black is being touted as “the newest and grittiest band to come out of Virginia.” You can take that promotional verbiage as you want, but one thing is certain, their latest single, “Open Death Letter,” is totally kick-ass. The sound of it is so big that one might dare say it’s of mammoth proportions.

Right from the start, with the groove being laid down by drummer Corbitt Carroll, followed shortly by Steve “Tombstone” Ross’ bass foundation, you know that this is a solid house. By the time the guitars kick in and Brett Lloyd’s harsh vocals send chills down your spine, you’re hooked, and this is the greatest track you’ve heard all day.

If you like Helmet, then Mammoth Black is definitely something you’re going to want to check out. Their sound isn’t just similar to Helmet’s, but their songwriting and musicianship seem to be a match as well.

“Open Death Letter” comes off of Mammoth Black’s upcoming debut album, Death Is Not Ashamed, to be released on December 9, 2014, via Stonerkill Records. Pre-order the album via Mammoth Black’s Bandcamp page.

mammoth black - death is not ashamed - abum cover

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Rock Hard \m/

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