Gale’s Debut Recording, Vol.1, Is Stunning

gale vol 1 cover

Gale, newcomers on the sludge/doom scene from Arizona, have independently released their debut recording, Vol.1. Operating under the “we play loud as fuck” mantra, each and every one of the five songs on this EP hits you like a sandblast to the face; if you’re not careful it’ll rip the skin right off your skull. Vol.1 touches you on so many levels: viscerally, cerebrally, emotionally, and violently.

Stream and buy Gale’s album on their Bandcamp page.

Here’s the description of Vol.1 from the press release:

While not a concept record, the album and its lyrical basis primarily deals with existentialism and the darkness that can be revealed upon self-analysis. With a brutalizing tone sure to intoxicate fans of statemates Godhunter, Sorxe, Methra and the like, the ultra-amplified output of Gale here alludes to the works of Yob, Melvins, Crowbar, Neurosis, and Sleep, yet only in theory and not simply regurgitated. The band performs their engulfing craft with each member of the four-piece lineup contributing a different style of vocals in addition to their respective instruments.

Vol.1 will be made available on CD soon, but for now Gale is offering the recording as a name-your-price deal on their Bandcamp page.

If you’re in Mesa on November 8th, you can catch Gale in concert at Club Red Theatres opening for the likes of Column III, Funerary, Godhunter, Today Is The Day and Eyehategod.

Rock Hard \m/

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