10th Anniversary Of SAW – Third Poster Revealed [PIC]

Saw 10th Anniversary poster

Celebrating Halloween without watching SAW is like celebrating Halloween without candy and costumes. SAW is a must-watch on Halloween in my book of horror, and there are many reasons why you should watch it again, but mostly because it’s puzzling, gory, and depraved. Perhaps the most significant thing to come out of the film was the introduction to a new horror icon, Jigsaw. In my opinion, SAW is a perfect horror movie for Halloween.

Now, 10 years later, Lionsgate is bringing the torturous movie back to the big screen for your viewing pleasure. It’ll only be screening for a week, so make sure to get your asses out there.

As we get closer to the re-release of SAW on October 31st, every week going forward you can expect a new poster design for the movie. The one above is the third and latest one, you can also follow this link to see the previous one.

Enjoy and share horror!

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