New Music: Blind Race Let The Rage Out On “Come And Get It”

blind race - come and get it - ep cover

It only makes sense that a band from Canada, a nation that prides itself on ice hockey and all its side-show antics, is so adept at writing such a great fight song. “Come and Get It” is the title track from Blind Race‘s upcoming EP, and if you don’t feel like getting into it with a goon on the ice or breaking some noses in the octagon after hearing this one, then check your pulse. If this track doesn’t end up being an MMA entrance song, I’ll be highly disappointed.

Just today, Blind Race dropped the lyric video for “Come and Get It,” which you can watch in the player above. It’s just blood-red words on a black background, so you’ll be forgiven if you decide to thrash about instead of sitting like a good student in your chair. Either way, you’ll be taking in some aggression. The track starts of sounding like it’s going to be a bit of a throwback to some mid-’90s metal, and after a few blast beats, it’s clear that it is as it delivers a Godsmack vibe.

blind race - come and get it - ep cover

Come and Get It will be released on November 18th, and you can pre-order it on the band’s BandCamp page.

Come and Get It Track List:

1. Hypocrite (3:31)
2. Come And Get It (3:32)
3. Hopeless (3:18)
4. Truth Or Dare (4:38)
5. Gone (1:41)

Rock Hard \m/

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