The Walking Dead, Season 5 – “No Sanctuary”

rick in season 5 walking dead

rick in season 5 walking dead

The Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead happened last night, and what a premiere it was. Filled with tension, action, despair, hope, gunfights, explosions, flying walkers, love, hate, and so much more, “No Sanctuary” was certainly a white-knuckle ride not to be missed.

The show has had its moments of violence in previous seasons (can you have a zombie apocalypse without it?), and while we’ve had living-on-living violence in the past, most of the blood-spilled is poured from an undead pitcher. In this opener, however, the violence between the living was exponentially more graphic and visceral than anything we’ve seen before. Nope, not even the Governor’s violent and sadistic tendencies can compare to what those running Terminus do. Sure, you could say that the Governor’s execution of Hershel was pretty horrific, but that touched us emotionally and not in same gape-jawed way as the terror induced by gushing blood at a slaughter.

But really, how many stars and planets had to be aligned for Rick & co. to make their dramatic escape? It makes for great television, but you know that none of that shit would go down like it did in real life… well, a real life in which zombies exist. From the situation between Carol and Tyreese being resolved to Carol’s Rambo-like actions outside the Terminus to Glenn being the fourth person in line to be slaughtered to last-second round count to the 11th-hour escape and so on and so forth.

Speaking of Carol, one might wonder how she managed to fool the Walkers with her half-baked Walker disguise, but I want to know how she managed to just walk out of the Terminus compound while Rick & co. had to fight hell and high water. As far as Carol walking with the undead, I just figure the Walkers were too distracted by all the gunfire and other actions drawing their attention.

Understanding that the pace of the episode was needed to maintain the intensity and sense of urgency, it did feel a little rushed. It could have spanned two episodes, however, we don’t yet know what the rest of the season has in store for us. Hopefully we’ll see more from the survivors at Terminus, and hopefully they’ll give chase to Rick & co.

It was really interesting to see Rick & co. inside the train car preparing makeshift weapons for when the car doors opened. Their commitment to life and survival was really commendable. And the surprise way the train car was opened up was both saddening and hilariously unexpected. It was also surprising to see Rick mow down some members of Terminus and later his bloodlust to kill every last one of them. Rick’s definitely shown he’s capable of extreme violence in the past, but never so forthright.

A lot more happened in this episode, and a lot less, and it will be great to see where this season takes us. Let’s close this off with a random question: Did anyone else feel their heartstrings being pulled more when Daryl and Carol were reunited than when Rick and Judith were?

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