PIC: Cannibal Holocaust Returns On The Big Screen This Month

Cannibal Holocaust

34 years later, Cannibal Holocaust is still considered one of the most controversial horror movies ever made because it features graphic brutality, sexual assault, and genuine violence toward animals. When it was released in 1980, Cannibal Holocaust was and still remains banned in several countries. However, some nations have revoked the ban after director Ruggero Deodato was cleared of all murder charges against him. If you’re unaware of the snuff film allegations, Deodato had to prove in court that all the actors were not killed in the movie.

Anyhow, Cannibal Holocaust is a beast on its own and anyone who is squeamish should avoid it all together. But those who love it may want to catch the screening of Cannibal Holocaust on the big screen this month. That’s right! Grindhouse Releasing is bringing Deodato’s notorious horror classic back to the big screen starting this weekend at Landmark Theatres across the United States.

For a complete list of screenings, follow this link.


10/10/2014 – Landmark Uptown, Minneapolis, MN
10/10/2014 – Landmark Ritz Bourse, Philadelphia, PA
10/11/2014 – Landmark Uptown, Minneapolis, MN
10/11/2014 – Landmark Ritz Bourse, Philadelphia, PA
10/17/2014 – Landmark Esquire, Denver
10/17/2014 – Landmark Tivoli, St. Louis
10/17/2014 – Landmark Main Art, Detroit
10/18/2014 – Landmark Esquire, Denver
10/18/2014 – Landmark Tivoli, St. Louis
10/18/2014 – Landmark Main Art, Detroit
10/24/2014 – Landmark E Street Cinema, Washington DC
10/24/2014 – Landmark Inwood, Dallas
10/24/2014 – Landmark Sunshine, NYC
10/25/2014 – Landmark E Street Cinema, Washington DC
10/25/2014 – Landmark Inwood, Dallas
10/25/2014 – Landmark Sunshine, NYC
11/14/2014 – Olympia Film Festival, Olympia, WA”

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